Chart Wise: Quiz Time

At first glance, approach plates like Louisville’s ILS Runway 35R are easily discernible to instrument pilots. But during a recurrent training session when an instructor or examiner begins digging into the specifics, sweaty palms can easily follow.

Here are a few penetrating questions to test your knowledge. For our quiz today, assume the DME-equipped aircraft is operating under Part 91 and the latest metar at Louisville reads: “KSDF 110856Z 3519G27KT ½ SM F FEW 02 BKN 04 OVC 08 21/21 A2971.”

Chart courtesy of Jeppesen

1. If the glideslope fails before PARCL, what is the lowest mean sea level altitude to which you may descend?

a. The aircraft is not authorized to continue the approach if the glideslope fails

b. 820 feet

c. 200 feet

d. 340 feet

2. With the glideslope still inoperative, what is the lowest agl altitude to which you may descend to conduct a nighttime circle-to-land on Runway 11 at 100 knots?

a. 539 feet

b. 340 feet

c. Circle-to-land is not authorized

d. 879 feet

3. If you’re cleared for the ILS from south of BRBON, how do you establish yourself on the localizer?

a. Fly north until the localizer needle begins to move

b. Head 034 while descending to 3,000 feet

c. Ask ATC for radar vectors

d. Maintain 4,000 feet on heading 034

4. How should you execute the standard missed approach?

a. Fly direct to the BQM VOR, then proceed outbound on the 071 radial until reaching TORAC

b. Fly heading 090 until intercepting the 071 radial east of the BQM VOR, then proceed outbound on the 071 radial to TORAC

c. Fly direct to the TORAC intersection

d. Fly the 113 radial from the IIU VOR to the LAZYT intersection

5. What does the letter C in the black diamond indicate?

a. Only aircraft in Category C are authorized to conduct the approach

b. Circling minimums are standard

c. Minimums are TERPS-based, indicating an expanded circling approach area

d. Only aircraft able to identify HOSTO are authorized to conduct the approach

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