California Aeronautical University to Award One Hundred $10,000 Scholarships

Applications must be submitted by June 1.

When it comes to working through the highs and lows of funding an aviation-centered education, every dollar helps. This week, California Aeronautical University (CAU), the Bakersfield, California-based private, post-secondary school announced some serious scholarship money for students who apply to its Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics degree program. A CAU news release said, “CAU is proud to announce the ‘Reaching New Heights Scholarship’ which will award 100 $10,000 scholarships.” Applicants must apply by June 1, 2021.

“Offered at the university’s main campus in Bakersfield, flight center locations in Oxnard and San Diego, and its new Arizona campus, the aeronautics degree program prepares students for careers as professional pilots and other aviation professions,” said the release. “The fast-paced, year-round program can be completed in approximately three years and includes a structured schedule of earning numerous certificates and ratings. All CAU students are eligible for graduate services and can benefit from the university’s strong industry partnerships, including regional airlines and industry organizations.”

CAU president Matthew Johnston said, “Our hope is that this scholarship will help turn a dream of flying into reality for many aspiring aviators.” The scholarship award is presented each year to 100 eligible students applying to the Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics program. Eligible students must apply for the scholarship within one year of graduating high school, have a high school cumulative GPA of 2.5 (minimum), and meet all other admissions and scholarship requirements.


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