Bombardier’s Global 7000 Debuts in Vegas

Known as “The Architect,” the fourth test vehicle of the Bombardier Global 7000 program made its debut at NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas. Bombardier

After a successful maiden flight in September, the fourth test vehicle for Bombardier’s green Global 7000 business jet made its Vegas debut by arriving at NBAA-BACE this week. Outfitted with a full cabin, FTV4, or “The Architect” as the company calls it, took its place the event’s static display and showed off what the “largest purpose-built business jet in the industry” has to offer.

“FTV4, the first aircraft to be furnished with a cabin interior, has a unique purpose in flight validation. It is confirming the unparalleled comfort and interior design that our customers can expect from this game-changing business jet,” said Michel Ouellette, Senior Vice President, Global 7000 and Global 8000 Program. “The robust ground testing completed on our interior test rig and the upcoming flight validation prepare us for certification of the interiors. We have placed tremendous effort on making the Global 7000 aircraft a business jet like no other.”

For starters, the 7000 features not only four living spaces, but a “complete kitchen and full-size crew suite.” Passengers will be able to enjoy their gourmet cuisine sitting in luxurious seats while watching TV and movies, or perhaps before napping in a large, comfortable bed. The interior is still being perfected by a team of experts at Bombardier’s Centre of Excellence in Montreal, while work on the first eight customer aircraft continues at the company’s facility in Toronto. The test program, with nearly 900 hours accumulated to date, remains ongoing at the test center in Wichita.

The fifth and final Global 7000 test aircraft will be “The Masterpiece.” The company anticipates the bizjet’s entry into service next year.

The Global 7000 features four large living spaces, as well as a complete kitchen. Bombardier

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