Garmin Rolls Out Weather Receiver for Portables

SiriusXM antenna includes slew of weather products.

Garmin this morning launched a portable SiriusXM receiver designed for use with its handheld GPS navigators that the company says offers up an array of in-flight weather data that was previously available only to purchasers of higher-tier subscriptions.

The new GXM 42 brings a full complement of weather information to the cockpit, including Nexrad graphics, metars, TAFs, TFRs, lightning, winds aloft, airmets, sigmets and more. For now the antenna is compatible only with the aera 796, although Garmin says it will roll out compatibilty with other handhelds later this year.

Price of the GXM 42 has been set at $599. SiriusXM has said it will offer a $300 prepaid Visa card for new purchases with a qualifying subscription and has lowered the activation fee to $25.

Garmin also announced new synthetic vision capabilities, which Garmin in this case calls SVX, for the most recent 6.1 version of the Garmin Pilot iOS app connected to the GDL 39 3D unit we wrote about recently. While the feature requires a premium subscription and GPS signal, it provides a clear 3D picture of the outside environment, including obstacles and runways, without an external device. Based on the GPS data, an EFIS display of altitude, airspeed and vertical speed is displayed over the image and course information is provided on an HSI display as long as a flight plan is loaded. The flight plan leg, distance and ETE are also shown below the HSI.

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