ForeFlight Review: Newest Version is Best Yet


There's lots of good news with the latest update of ForeFlight Mobile. Version 4.4 improves on the already silky-smooth interface and adds a few handy features, the most noteworthy of which is Documents, which might not be worth the mention if it weren't for the fact that ForeFlight is a world-class app to begin with. Everything works just as well or better than before, such as flight planning, which is now fully graphically enabled, with pop-up info boxes, drag-and-drop editing, full-route weather and more at your fingertips.

There's no phase of flight where ForeFlight Mobile 4.4 is not a great accessory. On a recent flight from Austin Executive Airport to Denton, near Dallas, I used ForeFlight to get the weather, file my flight plan, track my progress along the way and find the right FBO to get the best gas prices. For my return, I checked weather, filed, mapped my route and kept my eye on a fast-changing VIP TFR.

Documents is essentially a PDF reader (PDF is Adobe’s ubiquitous portable document format) that is integrated into the main app. In addition to chart supplements, which are a must-have, ForeFlight gives you other publications from the FAA in addition to the supplements, and you can get others, like Practical Test Standards, handbooks, advisory circulars and more for free. Having easy access to such documents is great for safety, and it just might save you money. You can also bring in your own docs, including checklists, ops manuals and more.

ForeFlight has been upgraded to work nicely with the new iPad too. The new tablet's super-sharp retinal display will highlight ForeFlight's already crisp imagery and text, which the company says will be optimized for the higher-resolution screen. The new tablet will also feature better mobile connectivity and faster processing, for a smoother, quicker ForeFlight experience.

ForeFlight Mobile is hitting on all cylinders, and the price has remained the same, starting at $75 a year for the basic package and $150 a year for ForeFlight Pro, which includes georeferenced charts and taxi diagrams. With a couple of its biggest competitors improving their products fast, ForeFlight can’t stand on its laurels, and it hasn’t. Its latest version of its flagship app is the best yet, with greater value, ease of use and utility.


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