Video: We Fly L-3 Lynx NGT-9000

L-3 Aviation Products has unveiled a family of ADS-B products to fit a variety of budgets, including the world's first Mode S transponder with a touchscreen moving map allowing display of ADS-B traffic and weather data without the need to interface with an MFD.

The NGT-9000 is a Mode S transponder with 1090ES ADS-B In/Out capability that lets users swipe between menu pages on its LCD touchscreen to view nearby traffic targets and free FIS-B weather information uploaded over the ADS-B network.

Priced at $6,800 plus installation, the NGT-9000 incorporates a 1090-MHz Extended Squitter transponder and 1090-MHz ADS-B Out links, and it receives 978-MHz ADS-B In data. The unit also includes built-in Wi-Fi for output of its display information to an iPad.

We had the chance to fly with the transponder recently beside L-3 chief pilot Todd Scholten in the company's Beech Bonanza. Departing on a blustery day from Leesburg Airport in Virginia, we tested out the display in turbulence and found it no more difficult to use than a tablet.

Tapping on a traffic target in the display calls up more information about it, including its flight number and ground speed if it's broadcasting ADS-B data. The NGT-9000+ version of the transponder adds an active traffic system that seamlessly blends ADS-B targets with those emitting Mode A, C and S signals.

L-3 has also introduced a number of lower priced Lynx ADS-B products, including the sub-$2,000 NGT-1000 remote-mounted unit for ADS-B Out compliance only and the NGT-2000 ($3,200 msrp) and NGT-2500 ($3,467 msrp), which add ADS-B In capability. All three include an internal WAAS GPS receiver.

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