ATP Flight School and Sun Country Airlines Partner Up in Search for Pilots

Program created for selected ATP graduates and flight instructors.

As US airlines continue their search for enough cockpit crewmembers to fill both current and future demand, ATP Flight School and Sun Country Airlines just announced a pilot hiring partnership to create a direct pathway for ATP graduates to join the Minneapolis-based airline as Boeing 737 first officers.

In a news release, ATP said, “Recommended ATP graduates can apply for the Sun Country Direct Program while gaining flight experience as ATP instructors. After successful interviews, applicants receive a conditional job offer allowing them to progress directly to Sun Country after reaching 1,500 flight hours and completing an enhanced Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP). Tailored jet transition training with ATP, including full-motion Boeing 737 simulator experience, prepares applicants to join Sun Country as first officers.”

“Sun Country is proud to partner with premier flight schools such as ATP to ensure the quality of our future pilot supply,” said O.C. Miller, vice president, flight operations at Sun Country Airlines. “We have worked closely with them to enhance the jet transition course on the [Boeing] 737, a course that will improve pilot skills and set them up for success as an airline pilot here at Sun Country Airlines.”


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