Gulfstream Ups G650’s High-Speed Range

Gulfstream G650 Gulfstream

When buyers start taking delivery of their new Gulfstream G650s later this year, they will be delighted to learn that the ultra-long-range business jet can fly farther at faster speeds than originally projected.

Gulfstream says the G650’s range at its high-speed cruise of Mach 0.90 is now 6,000 nautical miles, a 1,000-nm increase over the original target of 5,000 nm. The additional capability makes city pairs such as Tokyo to New York, New York to Dubai, Shanghai to London and Moscow to Los Angeles at faster speeds.

“The G650’s flight time for a 6,000-nautical mile mission at Mach 0.90 would be 40 minutes less than the same mission flown on a G550,” said Pres Henne, senior vice president, Programs, Engineering and Test, for Gulfstream. “When every minute counts, a 40-minute savings is considerable.”

The G650’s takeoff balanced field length has also decreased to 5,858 feet from the original 6,000 feet at the aircraft’s maximum takeoff weight of 99,600 pounds.

The G650 has a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.925, making it the fastest certified civil aircraft in production. Gulfstream received the airplane's FAA type certification on Sept. 7. First deliveries are scheduled to begin soon.


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