XTI’s TriFan 600 Finds More Buyers

The ambitious VTOL aircraft picked up additional pre-orders at this year’s NBAA-BACE, while also finding new interest in India.

One of the more unusual aircraft showcased at NBAA-BACE, XTI's TriFan 600 attracted hundreds of visitors and some new buyers.XTI

Building on the success of its appearance at the 2017 Paris Air Show, XTI Aircraft brought its revolutionary TriFan 600 prototype to Las Vegas for this year’s NBAA-BACE. According to the company, hundreds of visitors made their way to the XTI booth at the exhibition, resulting in new pre-orders for “the world’s first vertical takeoff airplane.”

“We’re pleased with the strong interest that we received at NBAA’s 2017 Business Aviation Convention,” XTI CEO Robert LaBelle said. “These are serious buyers who reserved a priority number for the eventual commercial production of the TriFan 600. We’re focused on that goal.”

XTI announced the first three Aircraft Reservation Deposit Agreements for the TriFan 600 at the Paris Air Show in June, as LaBelle added that the company expected those orders "to be followed by many more over the next few months and years." While the number of pre-orders taken at NBAA-BACE is unknown, the company also announced that attorney Rajiv Luthra became the first TriFan investor from India.

Concept art of the TriFan 600 VTOL aircraft reveals the ducted fans that will power the unique business aircraft.XTI

“With these new orders at NBAA, it’s clear that the market continues to recognize the value proposition of our unique and revolutionary airplane and its patented technology,” LaBelle said. “Vertical takeoff combined with long-range, the speed and comfort of a business aircraft, and our quieter and cleaner state-of-the-art hybrid-electric propulsion system.”

Powered by three ducted fans and a “quieter and cleaner state-of-the-art hybrid-electric propulsion system,” the TriFan 600 would travel at a max cruise speed of 345 mph and a max cruise altitude of 29,000 feet. Five passengers (plus a pilot) would be able to enjoy “business class comfort” and luxury at a range of 1,200 nm.