WingX Pro7 Launches Geo-Referenced DPs and STARs

Aviation app is now capable of tracking routes on nonlinear charts.

WingX Pro7
Hilton Software’s patent-pending WingX Non-Linear Warping Technology allows users to track routes on non-linear charts.Hilton Software

Hilton Software has done what many aviation app producers thought impossible. The company has figured out a way to add geo-reference capabilities to Departure Procedures (DPs) and Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARs), something that has presented a challenge for software developers because the charts are not drawn to scale.

However, Hilton Software’s patent-pending WingX Non-Linear Warping Technology makes this feature possible. The new technology is included in the WingX Pro7 subscription price and is expected to be available in the next couple of months with the new software update.

“We have always been a company focused on innovation, ingenuity, and pushing the EFB envelope,” said Hilton Goldstein, CEO and founder of Hilton Software. “By adding geo-referencing to thousands of DPs and STARs, WingX Pro7 will significantly increase situational awareness, particularly for our airline, military, and other IFR pilots.”

In addition to the commonly available aviation app features, such digital VFR and IFR charts, flight planning, attitude information, split-screen capabilities and more, WingX Pro7 includes a unique feature called traca, which goes beyond rubber banding and allows pilots to draw an intended flight path right on the screen.