WingX Pro7 App Rolls Out New Features

Updates include Stadium TFR, the new ACS, wireless Stratux firmware updates and more.

WingX Pro7 Updates
Updates to the WingX Pro7 app include the TFR Events feature, allowing pilots to easily plan routes that don't interfere with sporting events.Hilton Software

Pilots using the WingX Pro7 app are in store for some major updates. The latest version available in the Apple App Store includes a TFR Events feature, the new FAA Airman Certification Standards (replacing the FAA Practical Test Standards), wireless Stratux firmware updates, and business and FBO locations on airport diagrams.

Also known as Stadium TFR, the TFR Events feature allows pilots to easily plan routes that don’t interfere with sporting events. The app displays red rings on the moving map to indicate a Stadium TFR, and tapping it provides details about the event itself — like which teams are playing.

The updates also enable pilots to download flight plans directly from the Jeppesen Online Flight Planner on AOPA’s website. App maker Hilton Software LLC will be at EAA AirVenture later this month to answer any questions and receive user feedback.