uAvionix Introduces New Low-Cost ADS-B Products

The company unveiled a tail light replacement ADS-B Out unit called TailBeacon that can be installed in 10 minutes with a screwdriver.

Startup avionics firm uAvionix introduced two new products to its expanding portfolio of low-cost and easy-to-install ADS-B solutions for general aviation airplanes. The first is a tail light replacement ADS-B Out unit similar in concept to the SkyBeacon red LED navlight replacement the company unveiled last year. The second is a green navlight replacement ADS-B In receiver that allows buyers to receive subscription free weather and traffic information on a tablet computer in the cockpit.

Both the red navlight SkyBeacon and tail light TailBeacon LED replacement ADS-B units are designed to meet the FAA’s 2020 mandate. Company CEO Shane Woodson told Flying at last week’s Aircraft Electronics Association show in Las Vegas that FAA TSO approval of SkyBeacon is expected in four to six week while the TailBeacon product should reach the market before the end of the year. Price for the SkyBeacon unit is targeted at $1,500 while the TailBeacon unit is expected to sell for $2,000.

Woodson said uAvionix hopes to bundle the green navlight replacement ADS-B In unit with SkyBeacon or TailBeacon for an all-in price that is still less than competing ADS-B products. When sold alone, the ASD-B In product is expected to sell for around $800.

Because the inventive products plug into the slots previously occupied by traditional nav lights, the installation can be completed in as little as 10 minutes with just a screwdriver.


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