Twin Cessna Makes Textbook Landing at PWK With Faulty Nosegear

No one hurt and no fire following the landing.

Multiple Chicago media outlets captured video yesterday of the safe landing of a Cessna 310 – N4120Q – with a malfunctioning nose landing gear. The nosegear did collapse, however, as the pilot tried to gently lower the aircraft’s nose onto Runway 30 at Chicago Executive Airport (PWK).

The pilot circled for more than 30 minutes after informing the control tower of the problem before his first attempted landing on the same runway. At that time, the wind was from the west at 12 gusting 18 knots. For some reason the pilot executed a go-around during his first attempt.

Returning for landing about 2 p.m. local time, video captured the nosegear collapse as the airplane skidded along the runway a few hundred feet before stopping close to waiting local firefighters. No post-accident fire occurred and both people aboard gave each other a high-five after scurrying clear of the airplane.