FlightSafety Announces New Programs

Business aviation training provider offers new type rating and more.

FlightSafety Challenger Sim

FlightSafety Challenger Sim

FlightSafety announced today at an NBAA press conference several new offerings for business aviation pilots, including new iPad capabilities, a web-based ADS-B course and a new type rating. Beginning next year, the training provider will offer type ratings for Bombardier’s Challenger 350.

The new type rating will be offered at FlightSafety’s Learning Center in Columbus, Ohio, where the company will also offer training for the Challenger 605. Level D simulators will be provided for both programs. The simulators offer the latest in picture fidelity with the Vital 1100 visual system, which FlightSafety claims provides added realism with five times the performance of previous systems.

The training provider also announced a new ADS-B course, which is expected to launch online at the end of November. The course will provide the training required for pilots to apply for FAA authorization for ADS-B Out operations outside U.S. airspace.

NBAA attendees visiting the FlightSafety booth can get a demonstration of FlightSafety’s iPad app through which courses are offered for pilots, flight attendants and maintenance techs. Pilot training materials include some unique components designed to help pilots absorb the vast amounts of materials required to complete a type rating. Some examples include digital manuals, including an interactive cabin operations manual, interactive cockpit posters, flashcards and a walkaround familiarization component that includes information and a demonstration about the functionality of key exterior components. Students can also take advantage of a search function and a freehand drawing tool to make notes.

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