King Schools to Offer International Operations Course

International Operations Overview simplifies the challenges of flying across borders.

King Schools big

King Schools big

Martha and John King

King Schools has announced that it is getting ready to release International Operations Overview — a course that helps clarify the complexities of international flying for operators traveling across borders and overseas. The course is a part of King Schools' pro-series, which is targeted to turbine-powered, professional and owner-flown operators.

International Operations Overview includes special considerations for oceanic flight planning as well as information about how to obtain air traffic control clearances, read international flight publications and complete international flight plans and logs. ICAO rules, regulations and measurement standards are also covered, and there is a section about emergency procedures and survival equipment to increase the probability of survival in case of an unexpected catastrophic event.

“You’ll know what you don’t know, so you won’t be surprised by regulatory requirements, and will know how to get fully prepared for your international flight,” said King Schools’ Martha King.

The cost for International Operations Overview is $299 and it will be available only as an online course beginning December 15.