Jeppesen Introduces eBooks

Electronic format offers discounts and added functionalities.

Jeppesen eBooks

Jeppesen eBooks

Jeppesen has made available its instructional textbooks in an electronic format for the iPad. This means that you can download the entire books from the Apple iBookstore and read them anywhere, without having to lug around the heavy paper manuals.

Currently four textbooks are offered – the Guided Flight Discovery Private Pilot and the A&P Technician General, Airframe and Powerplant Textbooks. The eBook format offers a 20 percent discount over the paper versions. During the AirVenture show-week (July 23 through 29), an additional $10 discount will be applied to any Jeppesen eBook purchase.

In addition to the convenience of having the books on a platform most customers likely already carry for flight planning and other purposes, Jeppesen’s eBooks allow you to search for specific topics or keywords and choose different font sizes. You can also bookmark important areas and create notes within the books.

The Guided Flight Discovery Instrument/Commercial textbook is next to launch and “should be out shortly.” Said Julie Filucci, senior manager of Jeppesen’s training solutions. This is just the first phase of Jeppesen’s eBooks and you can expect future versions to include video, audio and social media components embedded within the textbooks.