FAA Furlough Puts Written Tests on Hold

Government shutdown delays aviation careers.

FAA Exam Questions

FAA Exam Questions

The government shutdown may have already affected your ability to work, conduct business as usual or visit national museums and parks. Here is another consequence of the shutdown that may temporarily delay your ability to progress in your desired aviation field. Whether you are working on a career as a pilot, mechanic, dispatcher or parachute rigger, you will have to wait to complete your written FAA Airman Knowledge Test.

According to statements on the CATS (Computer Assisted Testing Service) and PSI websites, two companies that provide the hardware and software for the FAA knowledge tests, you'll still be able to take your scheduled FAA exam until midnight tomorrow. However, applicants who have and are taking their tests this week will not be able to get their score until the government shutdown has been resolved. So if you waited until the last minute to take the knowledge test before your checkride, you will have to reschedule your flight test.

If you need to take a written test, you can make an appointment with a testing facility in anticipation of a resolution. But until government services are back up and running, no more knowledge tests will be administered as of October 5.

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