Embry-Riddle Approved for Tougher ATP Training

School qualifies for more stringent airline pilot curriculum.

Embry-Riddle ATP

Embry-Riddle ATP

You're probably aware that starting on August 1 all future airline pilots will have to complete a rigorous training program before being permitted to take the Airline Transport Pilot written test. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University says it's the first training provider in the country to receive FAA approval for such a program, giving the school a leg up in attracting new students.

Embry-Riddle's ATP Certification Training Program features 10 hours of flight time in simulators, including the school's FAA-qualified Level-D CRJ-200 full-motion simulator. The course curriculum also includes 30 hours of advanced training on propulsion and aerodynamics, weather, crew resource management and other areas.

"We are very excited that our students will be able to complete this training as part of their normal degree requirement," said Ken Byrnes, chairman of the flight department in the College of Aviation at Embry-Riddle. "Our mission is to provide the best education possible so our students can become outstanding aviation professionals."

Embry-Riddle, with campuses in Florida and Arizona, says students who major in aeronautical science with an airline pilot area of concentration will complete the ATP CTP course as part of their normal degree requirements.

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