Redbird Introduces VTO Helicopter Simulator

Skills trainer designed to teach the basics.

Redbird Flight Simulations unveiled a full-motion helicopter skills trainer at Sun ‘n Fun called the Redbird VTO that is designed to help new students learn the art of hovering and autorotation before transitioning to the real thing.

The idea behind the simulator is to provide the visual and motion cues necessary for improving helicopter-specific skills, thereby by saving flight students money. To provide a more realistic experience, Redbird has built an entirely new simulator platform and control design with wrap-around visuals. The device can simulate various helicopter makes and models along with a range of cockpit equipment.

“Flying a real helicopter may always be more expensive than an airplane,” said Roger Sharp, General Manager of Flight Operations for Redbird Skyport, “but there should be an affordable, full-motion trainer that teaches critical skills before burning a single hour in a real helicopter. Now there is.”

Redbird said the first five VTO sims are being sold for an introductory price of $129,900. Full price will be $149,900.

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