Use Satellite Images to Study Reporting Points

Fly into unfamiliar airports like the locals.

Tip Satellite

Tip Satellite

** Mount Soledad is a commonly used waypoint
in the San Diego area.**

Flying into new airports VFR can be a challenge, particularly in busy environments. It is likely that the approach and tower controllers will use VFR waypoints that you are not familiar with. But with some research you can prevent having to ask for vectors or specific instructions, which can be frustrating for the controllers and the other pilots in the area since it takes up unnecessary radio time.

Many commonly used VFR waypoints are printed on Terminal Charts and are also included in charts displayed on the iPad or other electronic tablets. There are some pilot apps, such as Flight Guide, that provide specially designed VFR diagrams that show commonly used waypoints. But there are likely many waypoints around the airport you intend to fly into. To find out which waypoints are used from the direction you are flying you can call a local flight school or the control tower at the destination airport.

Once you know the names of the reporting points that you should look for you can pull up a satellite image and get a picture of them. Then, when you get to the destination, it will be easier to recognize the waypoints and you will be able to approach the airport as if you were one of the locals.

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