Fly Like the Pros

With some help, you can fly more like those who pilot bizjets.

Tip Pilots

Tip Pilots

It's one thing to accrue the knowledge and skills you need to pass the private pilot checkride, but to advance beyond the basics you should strive to fly more like professional pilots do. And the best pilots for general aviation pilots to emulate are the pros who fly bizjets.

Unlike airline pilots who fly predictable routes and adhere to strict operating procedures, pro pilots in the world of business aviation regularly face the same types of choices and obstacles many GA pilots do.

Unlike the average GA pilot, business aircraft crews spend a lot of time training with simulator specialists to hone their skills. But there's no reason you can't fly more like the pros do, perhaps by enlisting the help of a flight instructor who also flies corporate aircraft and asking him or her to pass on tips, techniques and insights.

There's even a website called with video tutorials on how to be more professional in your approach to flying. There are lessons on the use of iPads in flight, flying with the Garmin G1000 system in actual IFR, how to get extra help from ATC when you need it and more.

The one practical tip you should probably start with is to strive to be a smoother pilot. You can do this on your own or with an instructor, but either way concentrate on flying as though the CEO is in the back sipping his drink and your mission is to give him as comfortable a ride as possible.

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