Redbird Reinstates $1 Avgas for SAFE Event

Educators' group appreciates gesture of support.

SAFE Proficiency Program

SAFE Proficiency Program

Even though Redbird decided to cut short its $1 avgas promotion, the company will follow through on a promise by reinstating the offer for a special event. The Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) is holding its Pilot Proficiency Project event the weekend of October 26-27 in San Marcos, Texas, and Redbird will revive the avgas discount for those who fly in for the program.

Doug Stewart, executive director of SAFE, said, "The fact that Redbird is carrying through proves their dedication to aviation safety, and we appreciate it." Redbird also provides its advanced motion simulators for the safety event, which also includes a full slate of seminars aimed at enhancing proficiency for pilots who attend. Simulator sessions include a 15-minute briefing, followed by 30 minutes in the simulator and a 15-minute debrief. The sessions are scenario-based, with real-world approaches involving procedures that have proven to be challenging.

Programs include: "Single Pilot IFR" conducted by Stewart; "iPad Best Practices for Flight Planning" by SAFE member Kay Greenfield; and a pair of seminars hosted by aerobatic/upset instructor Rich Stowell — "Angle of Attach Awareness" and "Tailwheel Tips and Tricks." Space is still available for the program, and you can register at the SAFE website,, or go directly to the program's registration page here.

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