NTSB Hosts Two-Day Aviation Safety Forum

Washington event streamed live on the Web.

NTSB Forum

NTSB Forum (photo via ntsb.gov)

The National Transportation Safety Board is holding a safety forum in Washington that is scheduled to run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and tomorrow. Expert panelists have been invited to discuss advances in safety culture research and ways to improve aviation safety culture.

The forum panels, which are being streamed live online here, include several topics, including:

  • •Research Perspectives on Organizational Accidents
  • •Techniques to Enhance Organizational Safety
  • •Organizational Leadership Perspectives on Safety Culture
  • •Non-Transportation Perspectives on Safety Culture
  • •Safety Culture Management and Oversight in Transportation
  • •Companies and their Safety Culture Experiences.

The forum will also include a look at of some of the recent accidents the NTSB has investigated. Highlights from the forum are being broadcast live from the @NTSB Twitter account and the webcast will be archived on the NTSB's website.

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