iPad Challenges to Put Pilots to the Test at Flying Aviation Expo

Seminars held by MyGoFlight to feature real-world iPad obstacles.

Tip IFR with iPad

Tip IFR with iPad

Pilots looking to get comfortable using the iPad in the cockpit as well as seasoned tech geeks seeking to put their iPad prowess to the test can do just that at the Flying Aviation Expo later this month, thanks to two seminars that will be held by pilot supplies company MyGoFlight.

During the company's "IPad Takes Flight — EFB Challenge" Expo attendees will face real-world challenges on their iPads that mimic common obstacles pilots face every day while using the iPad as an electronic flight bag in the air. The sessions will focus on little known tips and tactics for getting the most out of your tablet while minimizing the unique hurdles that come with relying on an EFB.

The sessions will be led by MyGoFlight CEO Charles Schneider.

"The iPad and tablet computer have become universally adopted by pilots of all types — general aviation, corporate, commercial and military," says Schneider. "Yet the cockpit was not designed with the device in mind. The goal of the EFB Challenge seminar is to make flying safer, simpler and more fun."

The Flying Aviation Expo will be held in Palm Springs, California, from Friday, October 31, through Sunday, November second. In addition to more than 50 educational seminars and panel discussions, the Expo will feature a parade of planes, an exhibit hall with more than 150 companies and nightly entertainment, such as a Halloween-themed event at the Palm Springs Air Museum.

Registration for the event is currently open at aviation-xpo.com, and passes are available for as little as $45.

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