FlightAware 'Misery Map' Tracks Travel Delays

Interactive map tracks the pain at major airports.

FlightAware Misery Map Screenshot

FlightAware Misery Map Screenshot

As 40 million Americans prepare to visit relatives and friends this Thanksgiving week, Mother Nature has decided to add a twist with a massive winter storm that is delaying airline flights and grounding many GA pilots.

To help travelers keep tabs on airline flight delays, FlightAware.com has created the Misery Map, a real-time weather and flight data visualization tool that overlays Nexrad radar imagery on a map of the country, with red-green graphs showing the pain at major airports. Hovering your mouse over any airport calls up more information that shows delays between various hubs.

Meanwhile, for GA pilots tracking the storm as it barrels eastward, John Zimmerman of Sporty's Pilot Shop has posted a fun and interesting blog over at AirFactsJournal.com titled "To Grandmother's House We Go or No Go?" It uses this week's weather to create an imagined scenario for a fictional Beech Baron pilot who must decide whether he'll make the flight from his home in Pennsylvania to relatives in the Chicago area or stay put. The post includes several weather charts and other pertinent information so you can play along and decide whether you'd make the journey or wait out the weather.

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