TransAsia Flight 235 Suffered 'Engine Flameout' Before Crash

Dramatic TransAsia accident caught on camera.

At least three dashboard video cameras captured the final terrifying seconds of TransAsia Flight 235's descent over Taipei, Taiwan, on Tuesday as the twin turboprop struggled to remain aloft before abruptly rolling left and knifing into the Keelung River.

The pilot can be heard on ATC audio declaring an emergency, stating, "Mayday, Mayday, engine flameout" moments after the ATR-72-600 took off from Taipei Songshan Airport with 58 people on board.

In the videos the airliner can be seen descending with its nose well up as the crew manages to avoid city buildings before the airplane goes out of control and crashes into the water. At least 32 people died, including the pilots. Officials said 11 passengers remained missing, while 15 survived with injuries.

This was the second recent fatal crash for TransAsia after an ATR-72 went down in Penghu, Taiwan, last July, killing 48.

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