Southwest Airlines Fires Pilot Who Landed Nose First

Union 'disappointed' by airline decision.

Southwest LGA NTSB

Southwest LGA NTSB

** Courtesy of the NTSB.**

Southwest Airlines said it has fired the captain who landed a Boeing 737-700 nose wheel first at New York LaGuardia Airport in July.

The airline determined that the captain, who had flown for Southwest for 13 years, took control of the airplane from the first officer at about 400 feet on the approach in violation of company procedures.

About 10 passengers were injured when the airliner suddenly nosed over just feet above the runway, collapsing the nose gear.

The first officer will undergo additional training, Southwest said. Neither pilot was identified.

The Southwest Airlines Pilots' Association said it was disappointed by the decision and will work to ensure that the fired pilot receives the right to due process. The NTSB investigation into the accident is ongoing.

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