NTSB Releases Cirrus SR22 Crash Report

Preliminary report says SR22 was attempting a second ILS approach.

The NTSB has released the preliminary report on the Cirrus SR22 crash we reported on last week in which five people lost their lives in southwest Missouri.

The report states that the Cirrus SR22 crashed near Willard, Missouri, at 00:23 central daylight time on Sept. 15 on its way to the Springfield-Branson National Airport (SGF), five miles northwest of Springfield, Missouri. IMC conditions prevailed at that time and the Cirrus was flying on an IFR flight plan that originated from Lee's Summit Municipal Airport (LXT) at about 23:40 pm on Sept. 14. The pilot had attempted an ILS approach to Runway 14 at SGF and requested vectors for a second approach with the tower controller when the crash occurred.

Airplane parts were scattered as far as 110 feet east of the main point of impact, which the report described as a crater located in a lightly wooded pasture six miles northwest of SGF. Based on the ground impact markings, the NTSB estimates that the airplane was on a heading of 340 when it hit the ground.