German Eurofighter Collides with Learjet

Two feared dead as a result of Learjet crash.

A collision between a Learjet and a German Eurofighter occurred yesterday near the town of Olberg in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The devastating event resulted in the Learjet crashing and apparently killing the two people aboard, according to the Aviation Safety Network.

Parts of the Learjet were strewn over a large area, with debris found in fields and on a road in a sparsely populated area near the town. The Eurofighter, a part of the German Air Force fleet, returned safely to the Nörvenich Air Base near Cologne.

While details of what may have caused the collision have not yet been emerged, it has been reported that the two airplanes were a part of a training mission with a second Eurofighter. According to the Aviation Safety Network, the Learjet belonged to a company called GFD Gesellschaft für Flugzeildarstellung, and the three airplanes were conducting an interception exercise when the collision occurred.

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