Five Dead in Piper Malibu Crash

Local flight results in fatal accident.

A six-seat Piper PA-46 crashed in Erie, Colorado, around noon on Sunday as it was approaching the Erie Municipal Airport in the northwest corner of the Denver metropolitan area, killing five people aboard. The airplane was returning from a flight to Centennial Airport in the southern part of Denver, the local 9NEWS station reported.

The pilot has been identified as Oliver Frascona, a real estate lawyer who lived at the Erie Airpark. Also in the Malibu Mirage were Frascona's girlfriend, her three sons and a dog. All aboard died in the crash.

The Denver Business Journal reported that Frascona had bought the PA-46 this spring. The publication also said he been a pilot in the Navy and received his FAA license in 2012.

The NTSB and FAA investigation into the accident is ongoing and no cause has yet been found. Here is an early report on the accident by the local 9NEWS station.

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