Sun Flyer 2 Completes First Flight with Siemens Electric Motor

Aircraft creates zero emissions and reduces noise pollution.

Bye Aerospace’s electric Sun Flyer 2 successfully completed the first official flight test last week powered by a Siemens 57 lb.-SP70D electric motor with a 90kW peak power rating (120 HP) and a continuous power setting of up to 70kW (94 HP).

The Sun Flyer family of aircraft, including the 2-seat Sun Flyer 2 and the 4-seat Sun Flyer 4, aim to be the first FAA-certified, practical, all-electric airplanes to serve the flight training and general aviation with safe and reliable electric aircraft. Because the all-electric aircraft requires no aviation fuel, it creates zero emissions and significantly reduces noise pollution. The Sun Flyer 2 design also features enhanced speed and altitude performance in addition to low operating costs.

Bye Aerospace’s Sun Flyer 2’s program application to the FAA was accepted under FAR 23 certification criteria in the spring of 2018. The new electric aircraft will conduct extensive additional flight test activities in 2019 working closely with the FAA on certification activities such as propulsion system, envelope expansion and systems optimization.

Globally, Siemens eAircraft technology is helping lead the aviation industry in electrification and hybrid propulsion, system integration, service and condition-based monitoring. Siemens electric motor technology has already powered aircraft to set two speed records, achieve the world’s first aero tow by an electric plane, and set a new world climb record with an altitude of 3,000 meters in four minutes and 22 seconds.


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