Hillsboro Aero Academy Launches CFI Program to Meet Growing Demand

The school focuses on pilots earning a CFI-Airplane, -Instrument or -Multiengine rating.

The industry needs more instructors of all categories.Courtesy Hillsboro Aero Academy

The Hillsboro Aero Academy, an Oregon-based helicopter and airplane pilot training school, has launched a standalone CFI Completion Program that allows pilots who already hold a commercial pilot certificate to enroll in a CFI-Airplane, -Instrument or -Multiengine rating course. According to a Hillsboro news release, the academy launched the new program largely in response to growing demand from international flight students with commercial pilot ratings from flight schools that do not offer training for CFI ratings.

“The new initiative allows students to enroll in Hillsboro Aero Academy’s existing Professional Pilot Program at the CFI stage. Under the school’s F-1 visa status, these students can complete their CFI ratings over approximately 6 to 9 months, then qualify for employment as certified flight instructors in the US for up to 23 months under Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT) rules.”

“CFI ratings are absolutely essential for any aspiring commercial pilot to build the flight hours that airlines across the globe require of new applicants,” said Natalia Cimpean, CEO of Hillsboro Aero Academy. “This new program fills an urgent need among students from other schools who have been unable to progress in their dream of becoming a pilot beyond their commercial pilot rating.”