FlightSafety Unveils New Artificial-Intelligence-Based Training Tool

FlightSmart was created in collaboration with IBM.

FlightSmart can be used on a variety of civil and military simulators.Flight Safety International

LaGuardia, New York-based Flight Safety International, in collaboration with IBM, yesterday unveiled a new, fully-integrated training tool called FlightSmart that employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to evaluate a pilot’s ability as they perform critical tasks and maneuvers during all phases of flight. The new product is an attempt to leave qualitative-based instruction behind in favor of evidence- and competency-based training.

Instructors using FlightSmart will now have a comprehensive understanding of a pilot’s strengths and weaknesses through access to real-time data, which objectively measures performance using advanced analytics and data collection from virtually any training medium.

FlightSmart delivers important feedback to trainees and instructors in an easy-to-understand format.Flight Safety International

FlightSmart uses that training data to create a customized corrective action training path that addresses identified deficiencies. Instructors will also proactively address deficiencies by optimizing a pilot’s training curriculum that focuses on areas that need improvement rather than repetitive actions rooted in a fixed syllabus. FSI said FlightSmart provides a solid foundation for adaptive learning and student-specific insights and is ideal for use during training of new and experienced pilots operating both commercial and military aircraft.

FlightSafety also said it received a contract for FlightSmart from the United States Air Force Air Education and Training Command (AETC) for implementation at Columbus Air Force Base on 16 T-6A training devices, including initial and operational flight trainers with options to expand to other Air Education and Training Command bases that operate the aircraft. The use of FlightSmart is expected to one day include aircraft maintenance technicians, operators of unmanned systems, and others.