Delta Airlines/APS Invite Pilots to UPRT Innovations Webinar

Airline subject matter expert will discuss how the airline has made this training work.

Delta last year began UPRT for its more than 10,000 pilots.Courtesy Delta Air Lines

In March 2019, Part 121 air carriers were required to begin offering upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) to pilots who train under an advanced qualifications program (AQP) outlined in Public Law 111-216 section 208. That law was created in part, following the 2009 loss of control crash of a Colgan Airlines Dash 8 Q400 near Buffalo, New York. That requirement eventually translated into FAR 121.423.

An early adopter of the required UPRT training was Delta Airlines. On September 24, Delta Air Lines will, in conjunction with Aviation Performance Solutions (APS), conduct a free 1.5-hour webinar titled “Delta Air Lines (DAL) Upset Training Innovations,” in which the airline’s subject matter expert Brian Sims will discuss some of the lessons Delta learned as well as some of the innovations that were created for the airline’s more than 10,000 pilots. Sims will be joined by APS vice president flight operations and standards and 737NG captain Clarke (Otter) McNeace. The webinar offers valuable information for pilots at all certificate levels.

Some of the topics the pair will present include how to best appreciate the benefits of UPRT, the value of having a specialized airline UPRT subject matter experts on the team, the critical importance of instructor standardization and quality assurance in UPRT, investigate how real world data can be used in UPRT to compliment operational needs and gain a deeper understanding of why resilient airline UPRT knowledge and training matters. Pre-registration for this webinar is required.