TSO for tailBeaconX Is In The Works

ADS-B Out solution uses aircraft lighting systems for power.

tailBeacon has been evaluated by both Aireon and NAV Canada.uAvionix

uAvionix Corporation recently filed the TSO application for its tailBeaconX Mode S and ADS-B transponder. tailBeaconX builds on the popular skyBeacon/tailBeacon formula, utilizing existing aircraft lighting locations for mounting and access to aircraft power for reduced installation complexity and cost. tailBeaconX features an integrated Mode S transponder with 1090ES ADS-B Out for worldwide travel and flight above FL 180 (18,000 feet msl).

In a news release, uAvionix said, “tailBeaconX is the first transponder to be specifically evaluated by Aireon and NAV Canada, showing promise toward meeting performance requirements for ATC-quality surveillance data for general aviation aircraft. Cyriel Kronenburg, vice president of aviation services for Aireon said, “A solution like tailBeaconX will expand the proven safety and operational benefits of ADS-B through a space-based service to the general aviation community. We’re pleased to collaborate on these types of innovative avionics solutions with uAvionix as various global ADS-B mandates take effect in the coming months and years.”

The tailBeacon has been successfully installed in numerous aircraft models under a supplemental type certificate program and in experimental applications, including on Flying contributor Peter Garrison’s Melmoth 2.