Columbia Avionics Awarded Garmin STC on Citation 525 Models

STC allows for installation of the G600 EFIS and GFC 600 autopilot.

The Garmin Avionics Modernization Package includes the Garmin G600 TXi EFIS and GFC 600 autopilot.Columbia Avionics & Aircraft Services

On January 4, Columbia Avionics & Aircraft Services announced that it has been awarded a supplemental type certificate (STC) for the Cessna Citation 525 series, for installation of the Garmin Avionics Modernization Package, which includes the G600 TXi EFIS and GFC 600 autopilot, among a host of flight deck components.

The package is aimed at replacing the Honeywell EFIS and autopilot with a system that allows for coupled instrument approaches—GPS, ILS, LOC/back course, and VOR—as well as coupled go-arounds with the push of the go-around button. Activating the go-around mode triggers the flight director to display the correct pitch attitude and activates the loaded missed approach in the GTN navigator. Coupled VNAV is also included with the package, allowing for easy compliance with STARs. The equipment communicates via high-speed data busses, with no converter boxes required for LPV, GPSS, or VNAV-type navigation. With the inclusion of the GFC 600 autopilot, the operator also gains Garmin’s ESP, or electronic stability protection, which initiates a correction in the flight controls if the airplane exceeds predetermined pitch, roll, and/or airspeed limitations. The autopilot also features Level mode, which returns the airplane to straight-and-level flight at the current altitude when the Level button is pushed—helpful in pilot incapacitation or upset scenarios.

The full line-up included in the STC lists the Garmin dual G600 TXi EFIS displays with synthetic vision, Garmin GRS 79 AHRS and GDC 7400 air data computers, GTN 750Xi and GTN 650Xi navigators, GMA 35c audio panel, GTX 3X5DR ADS-B transponders with diversity, GWX 75 weather radar, GSR 56 satcom with weather/phone/text and GDL 69/A XM weather and music, Shadin AIS 380 fuel flow system, Mid-Continent Instruments Avionics MD 302 SAM, MD 93 USB clocks and TA 102 USB ports.

Columbia Avionics president Lance Fox said it was “an easy decision” to pursue certification in the Citation 525 models. “We were able to go straight to FAA flight tests & the aircraft came back with zero issues.” The STC is currently limited to Citation 525 CJ aircraft serial numbers 525-0001 through 525-0359. Columbia Avionics obtained a similar STC with the G700 TXi in the Citation 560/550/500/S550 models in August 2019.