Aspen Avionics Delivers the Best of Max, Extended Internal Battery

New power source removes need for vacuum instrument in certain installations.

When installed as a dual- (2000 Max) or triple-unit (2500 Max) system, the Aspen Avionics Evolution Max series now provides for removal of attitude indicator and vacuum pump in most cases.Aspen Avionics

Battery life has long been a a bit of singular Achilles heel for users installing the Aspen Avionics integrated flight instruments and displays, and now that concern has been answered for both new and legacy Aspen customers with an update to the company’s Evolution Max program. The deal allows owners of Evolution avionics to trade it their current units to take advantage of the latest upgrades—which are also available to those purchasing the latest hardware.

The Evolution 1000 Max primary flight display and multifunction display feature crisp, bright graphics thanks to already-improved screens and processors. Now, the company is making its upgraded battery—installed in the E5 EFI, Pro Max PFD and Max MFD—part of the package as well, with a service lifespan of 2,200 hours or four years. The new battery and a 2000 or 2500 installation will allow the owner to—in most cases—remove a traditional attitude indicator and its associated vacuum pump.

The current program also renders Aspen’s synthetic vision standard on the Evolution series as well as the ability to integrate with the Genesys 3100 digital autopilot. Base prices for the series (without installation): PFD Pro Max, $9,995; 2000 Max with extended-duration internal battery $15,995; and 2500 Max with extended-duration internal battery, $19,995. To transition legacy units, Aspen will charge $5,495 for the Pro Max MFD; $7,995 for the dual-screen Evolution 1500 or 2000); or $9,495 for the three-screen Evolution 2500. Plus, the company offers an optional angle-of-attack and all advanced feature functionality for $595 extra. The Max update comes with a two-year warranty.