Sikorsky, PHI and Metro Aviation Launch Real-Time Safety Monitoring

New connectivity options should prove to be a safety game-changer for PHI.

PHI Sikorsky helicopter
The new partnership of PHI, Sikorsky and Metro Aviation is a game-changer for the way real-time safety is monitored and addressed.PHI

Not long ago, fleet operators like PHI worked hard just to keep track of their helicopters and aircraft. After Tuesday’s announcement by Sikorsky of its partnership with PHI and Metro Aviation to begin sharing real-time data on the health of PHI’s aircraft anywhere in the world, the game has changed. The triad team of companies said a Sikorsky S-92 helicopter had taken safety enhancements up a notch by demonstrating the ability to transmit in-flight, real-time health and usage monitoring systems data to PHI's operations control center. Lafayette, Louisiana-based PHI operates 70 Sikorsky helicopters.

An S-92 pilot who experiences a cockpit warning light, for instance, will find troubleshooting is no longer up to the aviator alone to diagnose, because the same warning indication will appear simultaneously at the PHI ops center where ground maintenance personnel can help with operational and maintenance decisions. Connectivity through existing global satellite will support the global S-92 fleet through an open architecture-based system.

Lance Bospflug, Chief Operating Officer of PHI, Inc. said, "PHI believes this technology is a real step forward, and we are honored to have partnered with Sikorsky and Metro Aviation to help bring this new advancement in safety to our industry.”

Metro Aviation President Mike Stanberry added, "We now have the ability to predict events by analyzing historical data in real-time. That innovation helps operators more efficiently run their fleet and could very well be lifesaving."