Video: RVs Perform Record Formation Flight

Forty-nine airplanes overfly Arrowhead stadium before Chiefs game.

A group of RV pilots have set an unofficial world record for formation flight after a group of 49 Van's airplanes overflew Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday before the start of Chiefs-Raiders game.

KC Flight, Kansas City's largest home-grown civilian formation team, organized the world record attempt, which must still be verified before the pilots can enter the record books. The group of RV enthusiasts streamed pink smoke during their massive arrowhead-shaped formation flight to recognize National Breast Cancer Awareness. They also raised $25,000 for charity.

The group was initially turned down in their request to attempt the record before approval was granted. The record flight attracted pilots from 19 states and the District of Columbia, according to the group.

The previous record for civilian formation flying was 37 airplanes set at Oshkosh in 2009.

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