Video: Hard Landing Rattles RJ Passengers

Swiss BAe 146 slams it on.

It's a video that makes pilots cringe and prompts airline passengers to question the wisdom of flying coach. A Swiss BAe 146/Avro RJ four-engine jet made a rough landing at London City Airport, slamming onto the runway under what appear to be extreme crosswind conditions. The 48-second video then shows the regional jet skidding and bouncing to a stop.

Surrounded by buildings, London City is known for its steep approach angle of 5.5 degrees, compared with the standard 3-degree glideslope. The runway is less than 3,500 feet long and requires special aircraft type and pilot-certification to operate there. The pilot of this jet may be up for a refresher.

Watch the video here:

And for another look at a somewhat tamer landing from the cockpit of a similar aircraft, watch this video:

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