Video: Fireworks Unlike You've Ever Seen

Quadracopter flies into the heart of 4th of July display.

You may have had the pleasure of looking down on fireworks from the comfort of an airplane, but you’ve probably never experienced what it’s like to fly straight through them. An amateur videographer has given us that opportunity by filming a 4th of July fireworks display in West Palm Beach, Florida, with his Quadracopter and a GoPro camera.

While the stunt surely runs afoul of all kinds of FAA regulations, there doesn’t appear to be anything particularly dangerous about the flight itself. The owner of the remote-controlled Quadracopter says the craft wasn’t damaged during the filming, which is surprising and probably merely a stroke of good luck considering the proximity with which it flies to the exploding fireworks.

When viewing the video below, be sure to set your video player to HD to get the full effect of this beautiful flight.

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