Seventeen-Year-Old Snags Four Ratings in One Day

12-hour checkride marathon ends in success.

Drew Gryder 17th Birthday

Drew Gryder 17th Birthday

** Drew Gryder**

You may recall a story from last year where a 16-year-old student pilot soloed three different types of aircraft on his birthday. Yesterday, for his 17th birthday, Drew Gryder decided to up the ante. Gryder managed to complete the checkrides for his single- and multi-engine private ratings and second-in-command type ratings for the Douglas DC-3 and Cessna Citation CE-500 series of jets.

The examiner, Bill Mercure, conducted the oral exam and flight test for the single-engine private pilot certificate first. That certificate was traded in for a single- and multi-engine private pilot certificate following the successful oral and flight test for the multi-engine rating. That ticket was collected once the DC-3 SIC type rating was completed. Finally, certificate number four was issued following the successful completion of the SIC Citation rating.

The feat did not come without challenges. Gryder has spent countless hours studying and preparing for the big day. "I believe that in the end it was worth the effort," Gryder said. "I hope that other young pilots utilize this opportunity to set their aspirations high and pursue their own personal goals in aviation."

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