Robert Goyer Talks Cars and Planes

Flying editor-in-chief participates in Connected Car panel.

Robert Goyer Connected Car Panel

Robert Goyer Connected Car Panel

** Tim Yurden, John O'Dell, Robert Goyer
and John Suh**

Flying editor-in-chief Robert Goyer appeared during South by Southwest, the Austin, Texas, music, technology, film and interactive festival. Goyer took part in the culminating session of Waggener Edstrom's Connected Car Pavillion panel discussions, which in all featured more than two dozen automobile industry experts weighing in on the future of the automobile in terms of the human machine interface and automation.

Goyer, speaking into the microphone in this photo, was joined by panel members (from left to right) Tim Yurden, the global director of innovation for Visteon, John O'Dell, a senior editor for, and John Suh, the managing director of capital ventures for Hyundai. Moderatoring the conversation was Wagener Edstrom's own Chris Barker, and aviation industry veteran and pilot. Goyer discussed the convergence of aviation and automotive automation, discussing the remarkable advances that aviation technology has enjoyed over the past 20 years as well as major differences between the two transportation modes, including training standards, numbers of participants and degree of government oversight.

Waggener Edstrom, a global public relations firm, sponsored the Pavillion to publicize the many advances the connected car movement has made of late and to underscore the remaining challenges. Despite rainy weather in Austin, the Pavillion hosted more than a 1,000 guests for the panel discussions on Saturday.

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