Poll Reveals British Boys Want to Become Pilots

Soccer player and superhero share top career slots.

Kid Sun 'n Fun 2012

Kid Sun 'n Fun 2012

** Sun 'n Fun 2012 photo by Jim Koepnick**

A British Airways poll conducted last month shows that at least British kids still aspire to fly. The independent research involved 650 U.K. youngsters from ages six to 12. Most boys chose careers as football (soccer) players, followed by pilots and then “superheroes.” (Nice to know pilots came out ahead of caped crusaders.)

Girls favored the lifestyles of teachers, veterinarians and medical professionals, so gender bias is alive and well, at least in the U.K. Among boys, the choices were also biased by region, with London- and Welsh-based tykes leaning toward flying careers, while those in Northern Ireland favored superhero status.

The airline has embraced the Disney movie Planes and will be screening the animated film on flights starting this month. That might further influence young passengers — perhaps some of those who previously opted for careers as shark fishermen, monster truck drivers, pirates or treehouse builders.

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