PlaneFinder Charter Service

Post your travel plans and let the operators come to you.



If you're planning a trip that is too far to take in your personal airplane and you want to avoid the airlines, you can quickly connect with charter operators through a new company called PlaneFinder. You simply go online to request a charter flight by entering the departure and arrival airports, the number of passengers and a targeted cost. The request is anonymously sent to charter companies with airplanes that fit the trip.

Just like on Priceline, you are committed to the booking if a charter operator accepts your suggested trip and price. You can also browse a list of one-way deadhead flights on the site, posted by the operators. These flights are sometimes heavily discounted.

PlaneFinder has access to more than 150 charter airplanes to date. There is no cost to sign up as a PlaneFinder customer and no fees for the service.