OpenAirplane Launches in 8 More Cities

Concept catching on across the country.

OpenAirplane Map

OpenAirplane Map

OpenAirplane, the airplane rental network that launched earlier this summer, inched closer to expanding nationwide by growing from six inaugural locations to 15. Company founder Rod Rakic said he is in discussions with 90 additional flight schools that could be added to the Zip-car style rental network.

The new OpenAirplane locations include Addison, Texas; Scottsdale, Arizona; Van Nuys, California; Plymouth, Massachusetts; Tallahassee and Naples, Florida; Palmer, Alaska; and Minneapolis. Rakic said that within 30 minutes of going live with the new locations on the OpenAirplane website a member had booked the first reservation at one of the new locations.

It is free for pilots to join OpenAirplane and it’s free for FBOs and flight to list their airplanes in the network. Members receive an annual checkout at the location nearest to them and then can rent airplanes of the same type at any network location without needing a local checkout. OpenAirplane makes money by charging members’ credit cards and keeping 10 percent of the rental fee (based on wet Hobbs time).

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