No Checklist Item for This One!

Surprise issue comes up at 3,500 feet.

Ted Lester

Ted Lester

** Ted Lester**

Sarah Yensen and Ted Lester, pilots who have been dating for several years and who have flown together to Oshkosh from the Boston area six different times, recently had what Yensen described as an “in-flight incident” for which she determined there was no checklist. Yensen, who works at Lincoln Labs, and Lester, who works at Mitre Corporation, met while working as engineers at Avidyne.

On her Facebook page, Yensen describes the once-in-a-lifetime incident:

“As I'm dodging clouds around 3,500 feet over northern NH, Ted says that his headset batteries are running low. I make some dumb joke about how he should've bought batteries before the snowmergency and he says that of course he has batteries in his bag. Oh, and he also has something else. Me, I think "of course Boy Scout Ted has extra batteries" and then "oh good, maybe it's a snack!" And then I looked to my right and nope. It's a little wooden box, and he said something Downton Abbey-ish like "will you do me the honor of being my wife?" Yup, all classy and crap, unlike me. I think I may have said "what what WHAAAT"; there was definitely a "WHAT" in there and I just sat there blinking. I attempted to keep flying but kind of failed and had to get Ted to fly while I picked my jaw up off the ground. Then all the rest of the day I proceeded to giggle to myself about how completely he surprised me. And I finally said yes, but not till a while after we landed.”

We at Flying wish the couple much luck and can't wait to hear the wedding plans.