New Additions to EAA Board

Three new members add diverse aviation experience.

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EAA Logo

The Experimental Aircraft Association has added three new members to its board of directors, members who add a broad base of experience to the organization. “Each of these three EAA members has a diverse aviation background and, more importantly, a longtime connection with our organization in multiple areas,” said EAA’s chairman of the board, Jack Pelton.

The most high profile of the three new board members is Alan Klapmeier, Kestrel Aircraft’s CEO and co-founder of the most successful single-engine airplane producer of late — Cirrus Aircraft – a company that started as a kit manufacturer in the 1980s producing the VK30 pusher-prop. While the VK30 did not become a great success, it was the catalyst for the certified SR20 and SR22 models that beat out Cessna’s single-engine airplanes as the top sellers in the world. Klapmeier has received many awards during his aviation career including the EAA’s own Freedom of Flight Award in 2007.

The second addition is retired B-757 pilot Cody Welch. Welch co-developed Horizon Lakes residential airpark at Price’s Airport near Linden, Michigan, where he has also served as airport manager since 2001. He is active in the Air Care Alliance and founded and serves as president of the Wings of Mercy East Michigan, which provides transportation for needy medical patients. Welch is also vice president and a board member of the Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation, the chairman of EAA’s Tri-Motor tour program and has flown as a Tri-Motor captain since 1993.

While the third new board member, James Clark, has not had an aviation career — he is a high-ranking executive in the world of technology — his private life has been deeply entrenched in flying. He is the former president of EAA Chapter 242, an active Young Eagles pilot and served as the chairman for the 60th reunion of the Tuskegee Airmen. As an RV enthusiast who has co-built an RV-6 and is in the process of building an RV-6A, Clark is also a member of Team Aerodynamix, which flew at this year’s AirVenture Oshkosh.

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