IMC Club To Host Oshkosh IFR Proficiency Center

IFR skill-building pavillion to feature Redbird simulators.

IFR Proficiency Center

IFR Proficiency Center

** IFR Proficiency Center**

The IMC Club, a nationwide pilot group devoted to the science and art of instrument flying, will host a new skill-building center at Oshkosh AirVenture 2014 in partnership with EAA, Redbird Flight Simulations, Jeppesen and Flying magazine.

The group says the IFR Proficiency Center will be a hub for instrument pilots, featuring Tech Talks, IMC Club chapter meetings and eight Redbird flight simulators in which pilots can gauge their instrument proficiency by flying various approach scenarios. Sim pilots will be able to communicate with ATC through PilotEdge, which provides live simulated ATC services. Instruction and help at the center will be provided by NAFI flight instructors.

The IFR Proficiency Center will feature six different Tech Talks, two per day, conducted by experts from Jeppesen. Topics will include glass cockpit secrets, weather planning, and instrument chart tips and tricks. Each day the IMC Club will conduct a model chapter meeting, open to all, to demonstrate the "organized hangar flying" the club is known for.

Running throughout each day at the center will be eight Redbird flight simulators, with which pilots can sign up to test and improve their proficiency by flying multiple instrument approaches under the direction of live controllers.

The IFR Proficiency Center will be open each day, Monday through Sunday of AirVenture July 28 - August 3. There is no charge to participate.

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