IFR Proficiency Center Coming to Flying Aviation Expo

IMC skills pavilion returns after successful debut.

IFR Proficiency Center

IFR Proficiency Center

IFR Proficiency Center

The IFR Proficiency Center that was a popular draw at EAA AirVenture in July will be making a repeat appearance this fall at Flying Aviation Expo in Palm Springs, California.

An offshoot of the IMC Club and sponsored by Jeppesen, Hartzell, Redbird Flight Simulation, EAA and Flying, the Proficiency Center at Aviation Expo will feature a number of expert talks as well as IMC Club meetings and simulator sessions throughout the day to help pilots hone their IFR skills.

The make the sim sessions as realistic as possible, the Redbird simulators are linked through PilotEdge with live air traffic controllers.

Flying Aviation Expo runs this October 31 through November 2. To register visit aviation-xpo.com.

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